Zenvo Automotive appoints Nigel Gordon-Stewart as Global Commercial Director

Zenvo Automotive A/S, the Denmark-based high-performance automotive manufacturing and technology company have confirmed the appointment of supercar industry sales and marketing expert Nigel Gordon-Stewart as Global Commercial Director.

Nigel Gordon-Stewart has previously held senior executive and main board-level positions at McLaren Cars, Automobili Lamborghini SpA, Group Lotus, Koenigsegg Automotive, TVR Engineering and Zagato s.r.l.   His vast experience in growing specialist premium brands and creating successful global sales and marketing networks is well known within the premium automotive industry as is his overall automotive experience which extends over 25 years.

Referring to his new appointment, Nigel Gordon-Stewart commented:

“I am delighted to accept this key role at Zenvo Automotive A/S.  The company has invested heavily in the development of two new cars, the TS1 GT which is a ‘hyper-GT’, and the track-based TSR over the past 18 months and I’m very excited to bring them to the market and introduce them to discerning car enthusiasts and collectors all over the world.   I’ve also been hugely impressed with the level of detail and quality achieved in the engineering of these cars as well as their stringent analysis of both engineering strengths and weaknesses over the past two years and subsequent new systems implemented to improve all aspects of performance and safety.  The cars are, in my opinion, some of the very best in build-quality and attention to detail on the market today as well as being completely stunning visually and in performance.  I’m very excited to be a part of the future of Zenvo and I’m sure this will be just the first of several key announcements to come from Praesto.”

Zenvo Automotive presented the prototype TS1 GT and TSR at the Geneva show in 2016 with both cars showing the positive intent of the company for the future, producing an extreme sports Grand Tourer as well as a highly-developed super sports track car.  All cars at Zenvo are completely hand-built at the factory in Praesto, Denmark to the exact specifications of the buyer.

Troels Vollertsen, Technical Director and founder of Zenvo Automotive A/S said:

“We’re really excited to have someone with Nigel’s experience on board here at Zenvo.  We are at a stage where our cars are now featuring some very exciting technical innovations which lead the field in the hypercar sector.  We have intensely focused on developing cars which deliver the best possible driving experience for our customers, performance and comfort, a car of two distinct characters but neither of them compromised for the other.  We have ambitious plans the company in the coming years and Nigel’s extensive knowledge and background is, we believe, critical to help the business move forward in preparation for the next step in the development of Zenvo Automotive.”  


The Company was formed in 2007 as a channel for the aspirations and ambitions of a small group of highly talented Danish engineers and designers with extensive experience gained from working with Italian and German automotive companies.  Led by powertrain specialist, Troels Vollertsen, with the design and styling vision of ex-RCA graduate Christian Brandt, the team wanted to realise long-held passionate ambitions to build a car which combined the traditional skills of Danish styling design with German-derived high performance technology.  Functionalistic and immediately aesthetically iconic, the Zenvo ST1 was developed over six years to demonstrate the use of ultra-lightweight composite materials in the design realisation of a car capable of performing alongside contemporary iconic supercars.  A uniquely designed and engineered engine of 6.9 litres was produced for the ST1 incorporating both supercharger and turbocharger delivering 1120PS in a car made extensively from Carbon Fibre but featuring a steel safety cell which, when tested, provided the ideal passenger environment for safety and comfort.  In 2016 Zenvo presented their revised hyper-GT, the TS1 GT, along with its racetrack-bred sibling, the TSR.  A completely new engine of 5.8L capacity with twin superchargers had been developed now producing more than 1165PS.  The new engine boasts a dry sump and flat-plane crankshaft configuration allowing the engine to spin more freely, rev much higher and produce power more efficiently.  Uniquely developed software running the Zenvo-designed high performance gearbox provides one of the fastest-shifting powertrains in existence confirming the on-going technological progress of Zenvo Automotive which is now setting its sights on its anniversary year in 2017.

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