November 24, 2022

top speed and aerodynamics

Zenvo Automotive has revealed images and technical specifications of its TSR-GT, of which it will make just three, all allocated and already sold to hypercar collectors. Created to achieve a higher top speed and generate more proportional aerodynamic stability than ever before, the TSR-GT features a new touring-style design, and an enhanced 1,360 bhp Power Pack.

Designed and engineered to achieve a greater top speed due to its reduced drag, the TSR-GT features a subtle body re-styling alongside an all-new power upgrade. The engine, which features a new, in-house developed TS Power Pack, takes the TSR-GT to 1,360 bhp (from 1,177bhp of the standard TSR-S). Combined with a longer final drive fitted to the factory-developed Zenvo helical-cut dog-engagement transmission, a limited top speed of 424 kp/h / 263 mph (up from 325 kp/h / 202 mph of the TSR-S) is achieved.


Focusing on downforce and high-speed stability with its new, elongated rear spoiler, Zenvo’s design team has also created a new type of aero wheel disc cover, designed to reduce drag and help enable to the 424 kp/h / 263 mph limited top speed abilities of the TSR-GT. All drag-reducing enhancements are made in pre-preg carbon fibre by Zenvo artisans in Denmark.

The new TS Power Pack upgrade enhances the original 5.8-litre twin-supercharged flat-plane V8 engine. The in-house power unit build and development team has improved the volumetric efficiency of the engine through an upgraded inlet plenum and exhaust manifold. The Power Pack incorporates a flex-fuel sensor, meaning it can run on more sustainable, high-ethanol E85 fuel – in addition to other readily available pump fuels – ensuring the TSR-GTs longevity in the modern world.

final chapter

Meanwhile, the interior has also seen significant changes in comparison to the TSR-S’ cockpit. Replacing the bare carbon fibre, sports-focused implementation, Zenvo’s design team has carefully curated the use of multi-leather applications. Replacing the Alcantara for leather on the dashboard, within the seats and steering wheel, the new TSR-GT will have noise-reducing leather edged velour floor mats on top of the carbon fibre floor panel, too.

Zenvo’s Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman of the Board, Jens Sverdrup said:

“A new era for Zenvo beckons, but before then, we’ve created our interpretation of a GT variant of the TS platform. We’ll make just three models, all of which are allocated to global collectors, much like Tim Burton’s [Shmee150] TSR-S, which he took delivery of this year [August 2022].

The final edition of the TS Zenvo platform – the TSR-GT – warrants a drastic styling change, yet remains in keeping with the traditional Zenvo aesthetic. This is a fitting addition to the TS platform, which has spanned across four models. Originally established in 2016, the TS platform has created the race-only TSR, TS1 GT and famed TSR-S hypercars. The latest – and possibly final – model from this successful series is a limited-edition TSR-GT; a low-drag, high-speed version of the TSR-S.”