Make it yours

Every Zenvo tells a story

Zenvo cars are highly collectible and as rare as the individuals who commission them. We aim to keep things that way. Zenvo builds a maximum of five cars a year, spread over our three models: the TS1 GT, the TSR and the TSR-S.

The only one to fly your flag

Each car is fully customisable and built to order, tailored according to the precise specifications of the client. Our signature watermark finish into the high gloss carbon fibre panels, unique to Zenvo, offers TSR-S owners to create a custom design graphic. We may also hint at the nationality of the owner, including a smart use of the national flag.

Building a masterpiece

Pure craftsmanship

In addition to being a very personal possession that reflects your roots, your Zenvo will be an exceptionally special car in many other ways. The product of many months of pure craftsmanship, the manufacturing process is driven by premium quality standards and superb attention to detail.

Like every Zenvo, each bespoke vehicle will be completely hand-built in a state-of-the-art full carbon fibre body and aluminium chassis with a central safety cage made of steel. Customers get to choose the details as we create an interior that will reflect their style and personality on the road.

Unique powertrain

The heart of every Zenvo is a bespoke piece of engineering.

With the launch of our current TS (Twin Supercharged) model range we introduced a new smaller capacity engine. It is a 5.8-litre V8 flatplane high revving racing engine with Twin Centrifugal Superchargers that produces up to an astonishing 1177 bhp (TSR-S model) and revs over 8,000 RPM.

Combined with a very intelligent gearbox, this provides a smoother and more linear delivery of even more power in a totally engaging analogue car.

The unique paddle shift 7-speed gearbox configuration is a dog box for ultra-fast gearshifts with weight saving carbon single clutch. We developed this into a hydraulically operated system with two sensors on each shaft, which can measure the exact speed of the two shafts. This ensures a smoother and more precise engagement.

Building a masterpiece

Awesome design,inside and out

Zenvo‘s design philosophy is rooted in a Danish design tradition where form follows function. The result is a striking appearance with tight shut lines that you normally don’t see on a car built in such extreme low volumes.

Zenvo cars have been designed to reflect the beauty, vigour and vibrancy of nature.

The uncompromising front of the vehicle takes the eyes of an eagle as inspiration, while the outline of the body resembles a crouching lion.

The breathtaking exterior paintwork is also inspired by the most remarkable colours of nature and natural wonders. A superb quality of finish is assured thanks to our class-leading paint application methods and technology – as well as the exceptionally skilled Zenvo paint team.

Inside the cabin, customers can choose for Zenvo’s signature asymmetric configuration. A lot of exposed carbon and ultra-thin in-house-designed carbon fibre seat shells.

You can also choose from a wide range of natural materials, including the finest leather hides and some striking copper. This metal has a long history of use in Denmark and has become one of the signature materials found inside Zenvo cars.