Our team

Talent meets desire

The origins of Zenvo are intricately linked with the personal journeys of those responsible. Individual talents with a collective desire to develop a sports car in a country not normally associated with the ultra-niche automotive sector.

Everyone who works at Zenvo is obsessed with power and performance, which is exactly how it should be. After all, the world of hypercars – and the world of Zenvo – ultimately revolves around people.


Chief Technical Officer

As a boy, Troels Vollertsen used to earn a few Danish Crowns by helping in a local Præstø garage. He cleaned the floor, took out the rubbish and ran to fetch for spanners or whatever else the mechanics wanted during his time off from school.

His life was pre-destined. From now on it was to be cars, engines, gearboxes and the challenge of hands-on engineering. Troels started dreaming of creating something very special of his own…

Troels had the engineering and technical aspects of the emerging Zenvo ‘ST1’ (Supercharged-Turbocharged) in hand. Working from his own home-based workshop he needed a stylist to design a body to place over the aluminium chassis, a chassis which now included lightweight steel within the structure to ensure the degree of stiffness required to provide first-rate handling for the car.

Ex-Royal College of Art graduate Christian Brandt was the natural choice. A Dane with several years of experience in Italy with Alfa Romeo, Christian already had a hypercar in his head but needed the project and the engineer to realise his vision.


Design Director

Christian Brandt has been part of Zenvo Automotive since the very beginning.

After leaving Alfa Romeo, Christian was appointed Head of Design at Danish Mercedes-Benz tuner Kleemann where he met Troels Vollertsen, who was at the time Head of Development for the same company.

When Troels left on a mission to create something entirely new, Christian wished him all the best. And when Troels then showed him the first chassis for his new Zenvo venture, the temptation to join him was irresistible.

Starting with what was effectively a naked car, Christian set out to capture the animalistic and predatory nature of Zenvo in pure design form. Taking powerful rear haunches, aggressive eyes and a snarling front grille as the starting point, he took the Zenvo project to the next level.

Today, the Zenvo models stand their ground in modern supercar design as being unmistakably Zenvo.


Chief Executive Officer

Angela Hartman was appointed CEO of Zenvo in 2012. Her background ranges from shareholder consulting and legal services to steel factories in Denmark as well as being involved in mergers and acquisitions on the international stage.

The essence of Angela’s management philosophy revolves around facilitating corporate innovation via a high degree of involvement and motivation among each and every employee and the implementation of an open cross-organisational cooperation.

At Zenvo she has implemented a management strategy which has transformed the company from its start-up condition to an internationally acclaimed car manufacturer with fans around the world.

Angela has created an efficient organisation at Zenvo Automotive, where every team member is very aware of their important role in helping the company reach its strategic and visionary goals.