The Beginning

The Zenvo ST1 was developed over six years.

Functionalistic and immediately aesthetically iconic, the Zenvo ST1 was developed over six years. It was the first incarnation of the Zenvo brand in a unique hypercar and featured a unique twin charger system combining a super charger and a turbo charger – hence the model name ST1.

Unveiled at the 24-hour Le Mans ‘Drivers Parade’ in 2009, the ST1 prototype was nominated as ‘Super Car of the Year’. Its introduction caused a great stir in the hypercar world and Zenvo – at the time an unknown Danish car manufacturer –achieved in record time what others spend a decade creating: a hypercar with cutting-edge styling and a staggering performance.

The ST1 Unveiled at the 24-hour Le Mans ‘Drivers Parade’ in 2009.

A supercharged and turbocharged twin charging engine was a way in which the low-down power could be delivered and yet retain an increased boost as the revs built. The supercharger provided the initial power while the turbocharger increased power at higher revs. But this wasn’t the optimum solution for us. The ST1 led to the three TS-model options of today.

Technical Highlights
Overall length (mm) 4665
Overall width, w/o mirrors (mm) 2041
Overall height (mm) 1198
Ground clearance
(when hydraulic lifted) 100 mm (160 mm)
Wheelbase (mm) 3055
Weight (kg) 1688

2-door 2-seater. The body is made of carbon fibre.

Light weight steel/ aluminium monocoque, front and rear frames of light weight steel.

Hand build centre mounted 6.8 litre V8 engine Supercharged & turbocharged
Light alloy engine block
Sequential fuel injection.
Dry sump lubrication with oil coolers.
Piston spray oil cooling.
Max. power output 1104 hp (810 kW) at 6.900 rpm
Max. torque 1430 Nm at 4.500 rpm
Top speed (km/h) 375 (electronically limited)
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3.0 sec.
Hp/weight 654 bhp per tonne
Power modes
Wet (650 hp)
Sport (850 hp)
Race (1104 hp)
Fuel type Unleaded 98 RON
Oil type 5W-30 synthetic racing oil
The engine complies
with Euro 5 standard (CO 0,496 g/km; NOX 0,029 g/km)
Fuel consumption: 
City 15.0 l/100 km
Mixed 13.7 l/100 km
Highway 10.2 l/100 km

Rear wheel drive
7-speed F1 paddle shift with auto mode
Limited slip differential (Torsen)
Two disc 240 mm carbon clutch.

Double wishbone suspension
3-way adjustable racing shock absorbers (KW)
Front and rear anti-roll bar adjustable

Carbon/ceramic ventilated discs (Brembo)

Ø 380 mm 6 piston calipers /Ø 380 mm 6 piston calipers