The drift car inspired by Zenvo

November 15, 2018

A one-off extreme performance car inspired by the design of Zenvo has been created by drift car enthusiast Sergey Kabargin and his Evil Empire Drift Team. The ’Flanker F’ drift car features the unmistakeable styling of Zenvo, the hupercar creator from Denmark established in 2007.

Kabargin, on behalf of the Russia-based motorsport team, approached the Danish company with the idea of creating a truly unique drift car in the unmistakeable image of Zenvo for use in competitions around the world. While it shares no mechanical underpinnings, technology or components with any original Zenvo product, the body of the Flanker F car closely reflects the design of the Danish manufacturer’s former ST1 model.

Angela Kashina, CEO of Zenvo, said: “Our wonderful global fan base is deeply passionate about Zenvo and our cars. The Evil Empire Drift Team’s car is built by one such dedicated fan and it boasts a remarkable representation of the Zenvo styling, which was crafted for optimum aerodynamic performance.

“We’re flattered that the spirit of extreme performance that we share is reflected in the car’s styling. Under the skin, of course, the entire package – from the engine and chassis to the whole interior – is a bespoke Flanker F drift car, specifically created and engineered from the ground up by the Evil Empire team to ensure their car is optimised for drift competitions.

“While we are not focused on the drifting scene or any of its kind, it’s great that our unique signature design is proving popular in such a young and vibrant motorsport discipline.”

For further information please contact:

Peter Van Rooy, Zenvo Marketing Director / +45 30 14 42 50 / +31 610 289 567