Præstø, Denmark

The Home of Zenvo

Each and every one of our Zenvo hypercars is hand crafted at our factory in Præstø, Denmark. We create five cars in a single year to focus our attention on every detail for our tailor-made models.

As the only Danish hypercar manufacturer we wanted to create a state-of-the-art facility to house all our in-house design, engineering and manufacturing departments. This includes our revered and renowned composites department, which can create a range of bespoke components including the complete body of the car, full carbon fibre interior and carbon fibre wheels.

Here at Zenvo Automotive, we are proud to say that every component of our cars is carefully curated in-house, from the engine and gearbox to the exterior paint and interior materials. It is what our founder and chief technical officer, Troels Vollertsen envisioned when he created the brand, ultimately it is what makes a Zenvo, a Zenvo.

Our highly skilled craftsmen work in unison with the head of design, Christian Brandt, to create the end product of both his, and the owner’s vision. Each car we produce is unique to the client’s specification, with a wide range of customisation elements all done in-house.

This includes carbon fibre weaves, including a fragmented carbon fibre design and hexagonal inlay pattern within the material, which can be customised to have a gloss or matte finish, as well as tinted in a variety of colours.

Additional design features include bespoke watermark designs, available on various components of the car, including the centre of the bonnet, doors and roof, alongside specialist paint colours that are mixed and sprayed in-house, as well as endless leather and interior trim options.

Every element of each Zenvo goes through an intense period of testing against our strict quality control requirements, to ensure customers know that their Zenvo is produced to the highest standard.

At Zenvo, we invite our customers to experience the entire build process and they can see their car at various stages of production, from specification of each detail with the design team and the build process of their individual car.