Vandel Testing

October 4, 2017

One of the most important aspects of developing a hyper GT car is being sure it delivers the most stunning performance possible, the performance this car has been designed to deliver.  At Zenvo we’ve invested many thousands of hours in designing and developing first the ST1 and now the TS1 GT and that process can only be confirmed by hours and hours more of testing.

The performance envelope that has been developed for the car is specifically a ‘Hyper GT’

The performance envelope that has been developed for the car is specifically a ‘Hyper GT’ – offering super high performance with comfort and luxury and, of course, that needs to be validated.  The Zenvo TS1 GT has been undergoing comprehensive parameter testing for several months now including high speed tests which gives Zenvo engineers an opportunity to understand how the car behaves at over 320kmh and up to 375kmh and to tune the suspension and chassis as well as the aerodynamics to provide an experience reflective of the Zenvo DNA.

Such was the testing at Vandel where the opportunity presented itself to test both high speed stability and comfort in both wet and dry conditions on the same day.

Our Grey development car (known as PPD1) was used for multiple pure acceleration to high performance runs while the green development car (D2) was used to simulate the experience of high speed cruising from 220kmh – 320kmh as this is the range which we believe most of our customers will drive.  In addition, the TSR was used for acceleration tuning and gearshift mapping for a new development which will be revealed at Geneva International Motorshow 2018.

What looks like fun is a very serious programme indeed with each process orchestrated, measured and data-logged for the on-going development of an extraordinary Hyper-GT.  But is it fun?  We get to drive Zenvo cars in the world at full throttle on a closed runway for a day… what do you think?!