July 25, 2023

The unique powertrain

Zenvo Automotive kicks off a series of high-profile commercial partnerships, with the announcement of their all-new V12 engine, being built in conjunction with MAHLE Powertrain. This is not a race engine adapted for the road, this is a road engine derived for the Zenvo Aurora that will deliver a truly special experience with exhilarating performance.

The unique powertrain is a ground up engine design, built for road use and will be the world’s most powerful road going V12 engine. The 6.6 litre quad-turbocharged V12 engine will produce 1250bhp at 8,000 rpm and will rev to 9800 rpm delivering a unique soundtrack like no other engine on the planet. Drivability is an important element of the new Aurora and the engine will be developed with usability in mind. Zenvo’s own V12 will be complimented by a further 600bhp of electrical hybrid power to give a total of 1850bhp, not only delivering a performance boost but ensuring the engine will have futureproofed environmental credentials.

bespoke engine

The completely bespoke engine will have every aspect of its design carefully considered for the end customers enjoyment, whilst meeting legislative emissions requirements in both the US and European markets. Using detailed analysis techniques developed over many years at MAHLE Powertrain, the specification and design layout of the engine is already well underway. The engine will benefit from the use of MAHLE Jet Ignition® which has been incorporated into the design to enable the engine to operate without the need for over fuelling for component protection (λ=1) across the entire engine operating range, which has become a requirement for the newly announced Euro 7 legislation. The all-aluminium construction along with Zenvo’s carbon fibre expertise will deliver an overall compact and lightweight unit perfect for use in the all-new Zenvo Aurora launching this August 18th.

Hinting at Zenvo’s future ambitions, the engine has also been designed for modularity, with high performance V8 and V6 engine derivatives that could power future Zenvo models and may even be available as crate engines for OEMs to purchase via Zenvo.

Commenting on this high-profile commercial partnership, Zenvo’s chief commercial officer and chairman of the board, Jens Sverdrup, said: 

“As an automobile enthusiast and industry professional, I have always strived to achieve the pinnacle of powertrains in the form of a V12 engine. The unmatched emotions and sensations it evokes, are what sets it apart as the ultimate choice for supercars and hypercars. Collaborating with MAHLE Powertrain, the most adept and knowledgeable engine developers in the industry for V12s, has been a dream come true for me. And judging by customer feedback, it is a dream shared by every automobile enthusiast out there.”

Asked to comment on the partnership with Zenvo, MAHLE Powertrain representative John Hollingworth remarked: 

"MAHLE Powertrain has a history in supporting the development of many high-performance engines over the years, but the partnership between Zenvo and MAHLE Powertrain will deliver a truly unique piece of engineering art, one that will use all our past experience to push the boundaries of engine technology into the future. Just working with the Zenvo team you can see the passion for the vehicle they are developing, and we want to deliver an engine that compliments that passion and stirs the emotion of everyone who drives the Aurora."