Zenvo Automotive A/S, the Denmark-based high-performance automotive manufacturing and technology development company will shortly have completed a 12-month programme of punishing testing on their TSR model first launched at Geneva International Motorshow 2016.

The main testing mule for our cars has been our yellow TSR which actually uses the same drive train, major components and electronic systems as the TS1 GT so we’ve used it as the development car for both models

Troels Vollertsen, Technical Director of Zenvo Automotive

“It’s been an obvious choice for testing because it’s a car that can be run both hard on the track with high downforce and on roads – but we also took the car to the Arctic Circle for extensive winter testing and the development of new traction control and ESC systems which was deliberately very tough.”

The test car is being presented at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017 in the exact condition that it will have completed its test programme when we’ve driven it from Denmark the day before the show.

“We are committed to the Geneva show but we also have to stick to our testing schedule,” continued Vollertsen, “so we are driving the car to Geneva as part of its test work programme and we make no apologies for its condition. We think it’s important for our customers to see that hypercars, and especially our cars, are tested as strenuously as any other car. The TS1 GT or TSR may be highly powerful thoroughbreds and we don’t expect our owners to leave their cars outside overnight in -30°C or drive it on a dirty German Autobahn in February but they might, so we have to test it.”

The TSR being presented at Geneva has now completed more than 100,000kms of hard testing over the past year to ensure durability, engineering quality standards and to validate new technology.

“Engineering validation as well as quality and reliability of technology are all extremely important areas for our brand, our cars and obviously, our customers. These are all the vital elements which make up the extraordinarily unique DNA of Zenvo.” commented Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Commercial Director of Zenvo Automotive.

All testing programmes are highly intensive as Zenvo is primarily an advanced engineering company producing works of high performance automotive art for their clients. In developing the new TS1 and TSR, the company has invested significantly in testing and evaluating every component in multiple environments and operational circumstances and that means testing, testing and more testing.

The Spring of 2017 will see the TSR being developed more intensively focused on its planned track use including extensive collaborative testing with new motorsport engineering partners.