June 6, 2023

global expansion

Zenvo Automotive continues its global dealership expansion with the announcement of a new partnership in the Middle East; The Elite Cars, one of the leading dealerships in the region. Zenvo UAE forms the beginning of plans to firmly establish a presence for Zenvo Automotive in the east.

A reveal event at the stunning Caesars Palace in Bluewaters featured a Zenvo TSR-S, showcasing the brands renowned attention to detail and quality. Running from 7th June the car will be on display at The Elite Cars’ Dubai showroom until 16th June.

top quality

With over 25 years of experience having exclusive partnerships with global automotive brands, The Elite Cars offers a wide range of top-quality new and pre-owned luxury vehicles from some of the world’s most prestigious brands. The Elite Cars provides customers an exceptional buying experience, their team of knowledgeable and professional sales consultants are dedicated to helping customers find the perfect car to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Asked to comment on this latest announcement, Zenvo’s chief commercial officer and chairman of the board, Jens Sverdrup said:

“After a successful year developing the brand in the western hemisphere, we are keen to continue with our strategic plan to grow the Zenvo brand globally. Zenvo UAE marks the beginning of that second phase of our strategy that will see us making further announcements in the coming months ahead of August, when we will reveal our all-new car to the world at The Quail, during Monterey Car Week.”


Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Tamer Abu Khalaf, Partner at The Elite Carssaid,

“With a commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction, The Elite Cars has been the undisputed leader in the luxury automotive industry for the last 27 years. We have access to the exclusive and rarified customer base that is looking to own hypercars that Zenvo manufactures and we look forward to contributing to Zenvo’s success in the Middle Eastern market. Joining forces with Zenvo is not just a partnership, it’s a statement of excellence for The Elite Cars dealership. We believe they are a right fit for our market and we are positive that there will be a good demand for them in the GCC and together, we will redefine the boundaries of automotive innovation and set a new standard for performance cars.”

With all the recent TSR-GT models sold out, Zenvo UAE will initially offer the TSR-S and register interest in the all-new V12 powered hypercar. Hand-built in Præstø, Denmark, Zenvo hypercars possess power outputs of over 1,177 bhp, and the flat-plane V8 power unit concealed within a sophisticated carbon fibre body is capable of a sub-7 second 0-200kph time. Zenvo is as dynamic with its performance as it is with its styling. The TSR-S able to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that is all designed in-house. Danish-developed Zenvo Automotive focuses on limited-edition hypercars, available to those interested in completely bespoke manufacturing experiences and unique driving abilities.