Zenvo TSR-S spreads its wings

July 5, 2018

The recent debut of the Zenvo TSR-S at the Geneva International Motor Show redefined the world of high-performance cars. Once the big premieres, international car shows and glamorous venues were mostly behind us, we took the time to present the new family member in its ideal habitat: racing circuits. Shortly after the unveiling in Geneva in April, our team made a stop at Top Marques Monaco for the very first test drives with the TSR-S on parts of the F1 circuit. This was the perfect location for a vehicle that so closely resembles a genuine track car yet can still be driven on public roads.

Next, we headed just a bit north of the French Riviera.

Next, we headed just a bit north of the French Riviera, paying a visit to our good friends and engineering partners from Michelin at their test facilities in Ladoux, France. We spent three days performing tests at the Michelin Technical Centre where we were joined by hypercar guru and test pilot Loris Bicocchi. It was absolutely incredible to see the inimitable Zentripetal Rear Wing system in action, enabling unprecedented cornering speeds and braking points. Genuinely impressed with the TSR-S, Loris suggested we take it to a slightly bigger playground – the Nardò track in the south of Italy, also known as the largest unrestricted oval track in the world (they say it can even be seen from outer space!). We agreed enthusiastically – but we had several VIP track day events to attend first.

Our following stop wasTT Circuit Assen inThe Netherlands

Our following stop was TT Circuit Assen in The Netherlands, another famous circuit which gave us the opportunity to show off the TSR-S and its active wing system. Organised by Supercar Sunday on a sunny day, the event attracted a lot of supercars and exotic vehicles, making for a highly enjoyable outing. The internet and social media were soon full of videos of the Zenvo slicing through corners with the Zentripetal Wing rotating around multiple axes. Several of the car spotters and spectators were confused, so Jason from Engineering Explained neatly described the basic operating principles of the wing on his YouTube channel shortly after this event. At any rate, the crowd loved it!

The TSR-S then headed to the Historic Circuit of Goodwood

The TSR-S then headed to the Historic Circuit of Goodwood, a place that needs no introduction.  We were excited to head to the UK for our British premiere, and particularly looked forward to spending some time with the team behind Top Gear UK, the biggest car magazine in the world. They highly enjoyed driving the TSR-S on the road and then on the track the following day. Some of the Goodwood’s marshals were mystified at the sight of the moving wing and even reported on the radio that “the Zenvo’s rear wing is about to fall off”, giving us all a good laugh. You can read the full Top Gear story about our visit to Goodwood here.

Unprecedented cornering speeds and braking points

Back at the factory in Denmark, our team was getting ready for its Italian rendezvous at Nardò: the cars were thoroughly inspected and the Zenvo truck packed with all of the essentials to last us through the week (tyres, racing fuel, brakes, etc.). Loris Bicocchi, the person who pushed the likes of Bugatti and Lamborghini to the limit at the Nardò Technical Centre, couldn’t wait to put the TSR-S through its paces. The main goal of the tests was to check how well the systems worked during continuous high-speed runs of 300+ km/h. Loris was very happy with how the car behaved at high speeds and the functioning of the new wing .

Now that the first half of 2018 is over, we can safely say that it would be an understatement to say that it had been eventful. We would like to thank all our fans, partners and friends for sharing this exciting journey with us and we look forward to many more exciting moments to come!