Denmarks only hypercar

Founded in 2007 by two passionate car enthusiast. The name Zenvo comes from the combination of our two founders names. Built on the picturesque Danish island of Zealand, one hour south of Copenhagen Zenvo has been producing artisan hypercars for over 15 years.

Danish by design

Chief designer Christian Brandt and his team take inspiration from the rich history of Danish design, thanks to the principles of masters like Arne Jacobsen that focus on the use of negative space.


Completed in 2008, our first prototype would become the Zenvo ST1, a supercharged and turbocharged car that today sits proudly at the factory in Præsto where it was built. The next model was the TS1 that was powered by a twin supercharged V8. This in-house developed powertrain would become the heart of all Zenvo cars right up to the current Zenvo TSR-GT. 

The future

At the beginning of 2023 we publicly announced Aurora, a new chapter in the story of Zenvo Automotive. A V12 quad-turbocharged hypercar packaged in a sophisticated yet beautiful, carbon monocoque chassis. Just 100 Aurora models will be built and will mark the start of the future of Zenvo’s intentions as Denmark’s only hypercar brand.