Our story

Power, performanceand prestige

In 2007, a small team of automotive industry professionals joined forces to realise a shared dream. Their goal was to create an exciting high performance car in Denmark which would hold a unique place in the hearts of sports car fans the world over.

They succeeded. And today the Zenvo brand is synonymous with the most extraordinary and sophisticated hypercars, owned by people who truly recognise the value of power, performance and prestige.

Small town, big ideas

Zenvo Automotive is headquartered in the picturesque seaside town of Præstø in Denmark. Because our hypercars are designed and built to mirror the forces of nature and offer you the ultimate driving experience, they are subject to constant refinement, development and evolution.

As a result, the Zenvo brand truly stands out on the global stage while reflecting its Danish and European roots. A high performance package with a unique looking GT body. A mid-mounted engine for balance and control. Ultra-fast gear shifting… The Zenvo story has been an exciting one from the outset.

Click here to learn about our special Thor symbol or here to read about the moment Top Gear adversity helped Zenvo reach new heights of prominence.

Our symbol

Hammer time

Our crest logo pays tribute to Thor’s hammer, also known as Mjölnir in Norse mythology. Mjölnir is the most feared weapon of the Norse gods and legendary hammer of Thor, the god of thunder.

This is why Zenvo chose Thor’s hammer as the symbol for our powerful symbiotic creations. Synonymous with thunderous noise and divine power, it also pays tribute to our Scandinavian roots.

Our commitment

Fanning the flames

The first seven years of Zenvo’s journey were ones of steady progress, with the prototype of the first car, the ST1, being named ‘Super Car of the Year’ in 2009. You can read more about the timeline of development here, but let us first share how Zenvo achieved global fame in the supercar world due to a somewhat unfortunate incident.

Or maybe it was meant to be, for the ultimate outcome was hugely positive for our company and our cars. In the autumn of 2014 we received a request from the production team of the famous Top Gear television programme. Keen to take part in a show watched by 600 million people the world over, we agreed to provide them with an ST1.

As the car was being put through her paces by the Top Gear team, a small ventilation fan that was cooling the top part of the engine bay overheated and caught fire. A minor incident in itself but not when broadcast to car enthusiasts across the planet.

Rather than harming our image, the Top Gear incident led to a wave of uplifting and positive reactions from fans. This inspired us to further enhance the Zenvo concept as we set about improving the thermal management of the ST1’s engine bay.

After a redesign and change of production schedule, we came out the other end with an even more awesome car and a hugely increased fan base for Denmark’s first and only super sportscar.

Today, this determination to succeed and passion for excellence has taken us to the very height of development. Having started out with a dream to make Denmark’s first and only super sportscar, we have now put ourselves in our own driver’s seat and are making the vision happen.